Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fancy SchmancySeam Ripper is ...worth it.

If you have ever wondered if buying one of these was worth it, it certainly has been for me.

Yes, you can buy all the parts online. And if you have a lathe, you're in business.

What sold me on this particular one was that the vendor specified the type of blade (and there are many out there). And then delivered on it.

It feels great in my hand, Just enough weight and size to make it easily turned, light enough not to wear my old hand out. 

Lookit them porky pinkies. Always been a big handed gal

The Japanese blade is superlative. And it's sooo pretty.

And it's been sharpened. The point is practically microscopic. Which is good, because the stitching on this chiffon is pretty tight. This showed up in the nick of time!

This is my unpaid testimonial. Buy one from JanLeeDee or Eds_Sharpening (as they are the same stuff from the same guy, one is her Ebay and one is his).

A good tool always makes the job go better and faster and happier.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Who Survives and Who Thrives

 My college sweetheart's mother, quite the battleaxe, went to college with Fred Rogers. He was always the guy you saw on television, and "the nicest @#^$ I ever met". Thanks Sally for the salty quote!

One good thing I took from recent online seminars: the Internet is a neighborhood. The people in your neighborhood, your peers, are your neighbors and you should be....neighborly.

So the online version of shopping locally is what? 

I look to the independent pattern makers when I am shopping for a pattern.

I look for the indies first, because I assume there will be good new ideas there. Since I'm largely drafting my own stuff now, I am looking for inspiration or a kick in the pants. It's no different to me than paging through the big Two companies catalogs with their endless repetitions. 

Hey, they do have good and interesting stuff now and then. And they have a wider audience to appeal to than me.

Targeting your audience as a company is a good way to get repeat business. Lots of folks aim at the the newbie sewist, combining a sewing lesson with a pattern.  Others have a design niche (pockets! trending styles! Princess Kate!) This is all good news.

There are always new businesses coming up and older ones fading away (either age, death or real life intervening with business). 

LaFred sketches. Love her jackets!

I miss LaFred terribly. But the patterns are still there.

Barcelona Dress Textile Studios

I've been reading A History of the Paper Pattern Industry, and you would not have known that the one that survived would be Butterick from the companies over the years (and even that is just a nameplate since 2001). And when the PDF format turns into something more practical for the home sewer (and when we find a better term than that, cause I am not sewing a home)....

I have a tight deadline on those grey hems. More later.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Digital Marketing Lessons

screen shot from April Bowles-Olin Creative Live workshop
would like to thank Creative Live for their free streaming. If you sign up now and watch it live, it's free. If you watch it later, it's money.

Spending today pulling hems and watching online instruction.

A pal did a CreativeLive online class and it was great, went well, all good.

On now and tomorrow.
Will discuss later.

Should I mention I live with a marketing guy?
We refer to it as the dark art....