Monday, November 23, 2015

Dignified Lady Sewing (more Japanese Sewing Books)

or Garments of a Dignified Lady

I am entirely unsure how I stumbled on this title, as I had to order it over Amazon. But I am very glad that I did, and am going to be all over it like cat hair*

This is my next project for me.

isbn 9784579115020

or just go to amazon


Monday, November 16, 2015

Connect the dots to coat

It is not giving too much away to say that I've been pattern testing. And that involves PDF patterns.

Sometimes there are a lot of size lines all right next to each other, and it's hard for old eyeballs like mine to see which one I'm cutting on.

So I mark them and cut

And then they get too close together

So I spend a little extra time with a colored pencil to make a mark along the line I'm looking for, each time I can identify that line.

and then I just....

And then I will cut out the piece with my paper scissors NOT my fabric scissors.
Cause kids, I am using the used fax paper from work for these things.

I trust you all now know the name of the coat. Oh, did I say coat?